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Below are Facebook groups devoted to discussions on nostalgic media, culture, events or all the above… pertaining mainly to those born and raised after WWII and before MTV. Which is basically our range of coverage on relating to Baby Boomer culture on our radio show.

Most of these groups are private so adhere to their rules and have fun reminiscing about the olden days amongst a community likely sharing a lot in common with you, as you are with them.

1960s by DoYouRemember?
(326K members)
Dig that 50s 60s 70s music & Memorabilia (70.3K members)
That ’60s & ’70s Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Group (35.2 K members)
Old Metro Boston Memories
(22.6K members)
Old School Boston
(25.7K members)
The Humorous Side of Aging
(117.5K members)