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I’m sad to let you know that Sunday, June 6, 2021 was our last show on WMEX.

Coincidentally, it was also our 1-year anniversary show. We are currently looking for a new radio station and home for the show. Thanks for listening the past year.

And thanks to all our wonderful guests and our staff and contributors: George, Jeremy Len, Ken, Mike, Paul, Alan, Rob, Jhon, Connor and Ben.

Until next time: “Cherish your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows, but live your todays.”

—Bobby Katzen

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Thank you, Jerry Mathers (AKA “Beaver Cleaver”) for a great interview and great time on our November 15 show.
And thanks to all the listeners who called in.

Sorry we couldn’t accommodate everyone who called in to talk with Jerry.
We just ran out of time.
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What is the “Bob Katzen ‘Baby Boomer and Gen X’ Show” All About?

Hey, it’s Bobby Katzen here. Thanks for visiting the website. And a special thanks to the creator and webmaster of the website and the producer of the show – George Yazbeck.

Are you, like me, tired of being subjected to puzzled looks, blank stares and snarky comments from people under 35 or so who look at you like you are Mel Brooks’ “2,000 Year Old Man” when you mention something from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s or even the 1980s?

A few months ago, I was out to dinner with some friends and some of their kids in their teens, 20s and 30s. The conversation turned to TV and someone mentioned Johnny Carson. The 24-year-old son of one my friends looked up from his cell phone for about three seconds and blankly asked, “Who’s Johnny Carson?” NOW THAT IS SAD! The kid had no reference point for “The Tonight Show” and had never even heard of Johnny, let alone Ed McMahon or Skitch Henderson.

I invite you, your family and your friends to “get outta Dodge,” jump in my joyous time machine and join me every Sunday night between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. for a trip back to a time we all fondly call “The Good Old Days.” The show is pure fun! Designed exclusively for YOU—Baby Boomers and Gen Xers.

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Show Features

Pop Culture Potpourri
with George Yazbeck

(premiered: June 20, 2020)

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Greatest Moments in Sports History
with Jeremy McKinnon-Gartz
(premiered January 31, 2021)

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Where Are They Now?
with Mike Phelan

(premiered: October 4, 2020)

Play Mike’s Jingle! Go!

I Outta Be in Pictures
with Rob Stone
(premiered: June 27, 2020)

Play Rob’s Jingle! Go!

Don’t Touch That Dial
with Len Mihalovich

(premiered: August 1, 2020)

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Behind the Hit Songs
with Alan Tolz

(premiered August 23, 2020)

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Nostalgia News
with Ken Golner
(premiered: September 13, 2020)

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Do You Remember?
with Paul Yovino
(premiered: January 24, 2021)

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Show Featurettes

Misheard Lyrics


Name 5 in 5


Three of a Kind

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All Gussied Up


Our show is about reminiscing over the days of yesteryear.

And like Marty McFly, we often find ourselves traveling back to the past. In (radio) fashion.

Gotta get back in time… Gotta get back in time…

What They Are Saying About The Show


Bob, I listened to your WMEX show Sunday night and loved it. I feel like I have gone back in a time machine to the 60s and 70s when I was so much younger than today. I used to love listening to the old WMEX Arnie Woo Woo Gingsburg on his Night-train show.

By the way as someone who likes politics I do read your Beacon Hill Roll Call column too. However, I do like good music and memories much better. I was also back in 1965 a drummer in a rock and soul band called The SilenSirs. We were pretty good as a band and we dressed great.

You’ve got a radio show fan here, SAL G.

Salvatore Giarratani


Great the show. Love it. And a tip of the hat to the production staff and contributors/reviewers who all add a lot to the show! Thanks to George, Ben #1, Ben #2, Connor, Rob, Len, Alan, Ken and the Jingle Guy (Best jingles ever but I can’t remember his name – Sorry. I’m 75 and the memory is fading. Haha.) I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. I love the weekly trip in the Delorean.

Kevin from Nashua, NH


As a baby boomer who loves oldies music and t.v. reruns, I was so excited to find the Bob Katzen Show! It is so nostalgic and makes me smile and laugh.

Bob has the most soothing voice and he is very funny and sharp. I love the games with the callers and all the fun memories.

Thank you, Bob, for bringing us humor and light in the midst of this dark, frightening time. Keep boosting our spirits!!

Shelley from Lynnfield, MA


What a pleasure to have an old-time radio show back on the airwaves. WMEX is now filled with nostalgia emanating from the mellow voice of Bob Katzen. He brings a variety of fun-filled stories, music and entertaining trivia. I think that Bob will bring this station back from the days of yesteryear to a new and endearing audience.

Len from Brookline, MA


Love the show – brings me back to the best days of my life and the best music in the world!! Keep it coming!!!

Ruth from Marblehead, MA


I’ve been listening to your show since it’s started and have enjoyed it. It’s nice to get away from everyday “stuff” for a while and the show brings me back to the good old days-the “Wonder Years.”

Laurie from Salem, MA


The Bob Katzen Show is such a great way to spend a Sunday evening…it is like talking to childhood friends about your years growing up together. A lot has changed and it is fun to listen to Bob and remember the music, the TV, the products (no matter how crazy) that made up the everyday moments of our lives. Keep it up, Bob!

Joyce from Salem, MA


Love the Bob Katzen show! Every week there is a  great variety of music,
games, reviews, etc! It brings back wonderful memories and Lots of  smiles! Thanks Bob!

Sharon from Peabody, MA


Thanks for bringing us back to the good old days, without making us feel TOO
old! Listening to your show feels like hanging out with a group of your
friends (notice I didn’t write “old friends?”), sharing fond memories, and
just having a grand-I won’t write it-time. Your stories and anecdotes unlock
so many memories, and your show gives me something to smile about week after week, so thanks for that!”

Mike from Boston, MA

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